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F*cking the Odds and having fun!

Welcome to the Defiant homepage, the majority of our site is restricted to Defiant members only, if you want to access the site, we suggest you join Defiant!

a Brief Overview of Defiant...

We are a Tideswell variety faction. We delve in Faction Base Trials | Sarokkan | Uncharted Paradise (UPD) | Icebound Underworld (IU) | Twilight Temple Revisisted (TTR) | and other PvE aspects of Perfect World International! We also participate in PvP activities, such as Territory Wars, Server vs. Server (Dragon's Conquest), Northern Realms, Cross Server Nation Wars (xNW), and so on!

We also have a Discord where we discuss the game as well as off-topic things. We review all applicants on a case by case basis, as such we maintain various criteria for admission into Defiant.

Minimum Requirements
Shifting Sky I+ Boundary Level

We do also accept players who are close but do not meet these requirements, we will work with any and all players not meeting our requirements to help them attain the minimum needed boundary and equipment to apply to Defiant. If you are motivated to play and want to join a family of fun, please apply today!

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